Liken Films: Presentation

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How to present Liken Films? How should we “introduce ourselves” to the viewer? All these issues, and many more we raised when preparing the video presentation of the company.

Something clear that we both had was the presence of lichen, that symbiosis between fungus and seaweed that gives name to our company.

How to convey our passion for the image? At first we thought of the voice-over, but we finally discarded it and decided to transmit that passion through the image, each take, with the care and care we have given to each landscape, every detail and every portrait we’ve done.

But we wanted to give a sense to all the images: to represent us through a characteristic of ours and that is in line with the lichen.

That is why, to Pedro, we have linked it in the planes always with the sea, because he likes it very much. Surfer from small, he spend hours at sea, when he can. To David, by contrast, we have bound him to the earth, for he has not so much passion to throw himself into the water. That’s why he has a white skin “from Madrid” and, although his friends recommend him to go to the beach in summer, he goes on few occasions.

And what do these elements have to do with lichen? Both are necessary to guarantee their survival. The sea is the one that gives it the humidity that, transported by the trade winds, is “trapped” in the porosities of the volcanic rock (the “land” understood as a general concept) that is used by the lichen to survive.

Little by little we were designing the idea, until we decided to shoot.

After several days of recording, some mishap with the car, and many hours in the studio, we managed to finish the video presentation. And finally we publish it already thinking about our next projects that we will bring to you with much desire and share the same emotions we feel when we are telling stories.